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Welcome to the wonderful world of bees and honey. Due to the coronavirus some courses may not be running this year.

If you find the prospect of bee-keeping a bit daunting we can also provide our know-how with talks and demonstrations about bee-keeping.

If you've discovered a bee swarm, don't panic! We can collect and remove it for you if you are in the London area, and if it's in a reasonably accessible place, just contact us.

The poor old honey bee is becoming increasingly endangered at the moment, and needs as much support as it can get. To find out how, visit our conservation page. We were surprised to note that the Soil Association have identified many top selling household bug killers as containing neonicotinoids that are believed to be harmful to bees. To find out more check out the SA page. If you would like to help protect bees planting bee friendly plants and trees to increase forage in urban areas is crucial. Friends of the Earth raise awareness about bees, and there are several charities like the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Sustain and Bees for Development that help bees.

If you are a pest control company in London we can sometimes arrange to collect swarms depending on the site and get them back on their feet by hiving them and sorting out any health issues. If you have a bumble bee nest and have to have it removed for building work etc Capital Bee is now running a bumble bee rehoming scheme to help re locate bumble bees at risk to safe sites. In 2014 we received a record number of calls about big bee colonies in loft insulation, they are usually tree bumble bees they will die out at the end of the year however if it is an emergency we can relocate them. Make sure they are not wasps if so get in touch with a pest control company or your local council.

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